What is "Boudoir" Photography? 

What is "Boudoir" Photography?   


"Boudoir" is a French term that refers to "a woman's dressing area or private bedroom." Boudoir photography is a style in which women pose partially-clothed or in lingerie for a photo session. These photos are often given by a bride to her groom on the wedding day; however, they also make an excellent gift for a significant other on an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine's Day.  Not in a relationship? Do them for YOU! The female body is beautiful, powerful, and something that should be celebrated and admired!

      Given the private and intimate nature of these photos, I don't have a large portfolio of images to share. I never share boudoir images without permission from clients. However, I am happy to provide you with references who can attest to how fun & empowering a boudoir session is! 

Concerned about privacy? Boudoir galleries are delivered with two layers of password protection and immediately deleted from my computer once delivered to you (your privacy and trust are my upmost priority).

   Worried it would be awkward? I promise I make these sessions as comfortable as possible--I have been on the other side of the camera for a boudoir session (twice), and I remember having the same concerns. You are welcome to bring a friend along to cheer you on, and I always have some "bubbly" and music playing to lighten the mood.

       Worried you won't like the photos? My ultimate goal is for you to LOVE the images and feel gorgeous! I will place you in a variety of flattering positions that make you feel confident in your skin. Want some extra pampering? Add professional make-up application to your session for even more glam. 

       Ask me about my discounted group rates if you want to do a boudoir session with a group of friends for a "Ladies Night Out" or bachelorette party!